An open-source library to help optimise your workflows for building admin interfaces.



  • Components Identification
  • Visual Design

Tech Stack

  • Figma



Open-source component library

Of late at work, we've been collaborating and building multiple Admin related interfaces and it was leading to a lot of reworks and inconsistencies across the different modules of the interface.

I created this Admin platform component library to optimise my workflow and increase my efficiency in building interfaces. I realised a lot of designers might face similar issues, so I decided to open-source this component library.

This component library currently contains more than 100+ high fidelity components, frequently used text styles to help increase your efficiency and consistency on your admin interfaces.

Component Checklist

The file is currently available for download from the Figma Community.


Feel free to duplicate and modify as per your requirements.

I'm planning to continue evolving this library with additional components, please feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions or components that needs to be included.

Reach out to me on Email / Twitter / LinkedIn. Happy to connect :)