This is Meee!

Hello, I'm Sriram. I'm a product designer, maker, and illustrator from Chennai.
I 'm currently designing products & experiences for TCS.

I'm a core member of an in-house product design team @ TCS, currently designing solutions for the ‘Digital Workplace’ business unit.

We create products and solutions in-house and collaborate with a diverse clientele across the globe to create seamless and delightful employee experiences across enterprise applications.

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Recently, TCS embraced Microsoft 365 to create unified communication, secure collaboration and seamless access to integrated business applications.

I helped design and launch an automated and ‘gamified’ migration process that enabled TCS to onboard more than 170,000 employees in less than 180 days.

This initiative helped us reduce costs and human hours, increase agility and productivity and helped us seamlessly enable the transition to remote work when the pandemic occurred.

Before Digital Workplace, I was part of the Fresco Design Team. We designed a suite of mobile and web applications for the 400k+ employees of TCS.

I helped design and successfully launch a “gamified” Learning platform that incentivised learning and progress and helped upskill more than 300K employees in the new digital technologies.

I also led the end-to-end design of revamping the appraisal management platform of TCS. We created and launched a platform that empowered 400k+ employees to define their career path and aspirations and help them progress through continuous feedback on their goals and attributes.

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Outside of work, I experiment with design systems, create illustrations and design web and mobile applications to practise my design skills. You can access my experiments on Figma.

I started my career in 2011 as a web developer and lost touch with coding once I moved into design in 2014. I recently started coding again and will be working on side projects to help improve my coding skills. You can find me on Github, where I'm learning to code.

I also like to play video games, draw illustrations, read books and comics.