Hello, I'm Sriram. I'm a product designer, maker, and illustrator from Chennai.
I'm currently designing products & experiences for TCS.

I design delightful consumer and enterprise applications for clients across diverse industries and geographies.

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Improvement Hub

Improvement Hub

Redesigned an existing ideation platform of an ANZ based railway and logistics organisation.



Led research and design to revamp the performance management platform of TCS.

👻  Side Project


An open-source library to help optimise your workflows for building admin interfaces.

Sat Oct 09 2021


App Explorations


A simple, lightweight social media platform that connects users and enables them to share their photos, videos, thoughts, and opinions.

Tue Sep 28 2021

Recent Writing

Responsive tables in Figma

A post on how to create responsive tables in Figma using auto layout

Mon Oct 11 2021

My experience in coding this website

A documentation of my experience with coding my personal portfolio website.

Tue Sep 21 2021

Welcome to my blog!

A short post to introduce the website and how it came to be.

Fri Sep 10 2021

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I'd love to have a chat. Drop an email at msgsrive@gmail.com

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